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Silver Eagle Coin Company
Silver Eagle Coins
PO Box 770733
Cleveland OH 44107
United States
The Silver Eagle Coin Company is pleased to offer American eagle silver dollars and silver dollars from around the world! Please visit our website at: https://www.silver-eagle-coins.com
Company Overview
The Silver Eagle Coin Company specializes in American Eagle Silver Dollar bullion coins. Interestingly, the U.S. Mint does not sell these coins directly to the general public. Instead, they distribute the coins through a network of wholesalers, investment companies, precious metal firms, and independent coin dealers such as the Silver Eagle Coin Company.
Twenty years ago, we started out small by selling coins on various on-line auction sites and then decided to create a website to bring silver eagle coins to the general public at reasonable prices with low cost (or free) shipping. We were frustrated by the many online coin sites that advertise low, low prices only to hit you with a ridiculous shipping charge at checkout. What good is a $20.00 coin if the seller charges $14.95 shipping and handling? We try to charge fair and reasonable shipping costs and always show the shipping charge before you make a purchase.

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